Build of FontForge with Spiro

I "packaged" a few libraries for fast installation of FontForge on a powerpc with OS X 10.4 (the computer I am using). FontForge requires X-Windows. The FontForge documentation on how to install X-Windows is here.

  1. Download FontForge here
  2. Download Raph Levien's libspiro (George Williams' build) from the sourceforge site to be able to enable the spiro mode.
  3. If you want FontForge to be able to read png files, you must install libpng. Here is my build for ppc with osx 10.4: libpng-1.2.22
  4. If you want FontForge to use potrace, you need to install it in /usr/local/bin; for the ppc, here is my build of Peter Selinger's potrace-1.8
  5. If you want the FreeType Library, here is my ppc osx 10.4 package for it.
  6. If you installed potrace and "Element > Autotrace" is not activated after you load an image in the background, check if typing "echo $PATH" in a xterm window gives an answer containing /usr/local/bin; if not, your path must be fixed; if you don't know how to do it, and you are on a mac, quit fontforge and X-Windows, and install this.
  7. For other useful libraries, look at the FontForge documenation on dependencies.