Description of the examples

Some examples are distributed with the JADE software, that  show how to use some of the JADE features and some suggested programming idioms.  

All the examples must be compiled because only their source code has been distributed. The ant file 'build.xml' in the JADE root directory includes the target 'examples' that allows to compile the examples by using the 'ant' program (i.e. just type 'ant examples'). 

In order to run the examples,  set the CLASSPATH environment variable to contain the files jade.jar, jadeTools.jar, Base64.jar, iiop.jar and the directory where the .class files of the examples have been generated, usually  ('.').  All example agent classes belong to subpackages of 'examples' package, refer to the various example agents with a fully qualified package name; for example, class ComplexBehaviourAgent in 'behaviours' subdirectory of 'examples' directory must be started  via the following command line::

      java jade.Boot -platform agent1:examples.behaviours.ComplexBehaviourAgent

The following is the list of all the example programs distributed in the 'src/examples' directory.

Basic features.

Advanced features.

Using JADE with other technologies.

Simple applications.

JADE is a trademark of TILAB (formerly CSELT). 
has been developed jointly by TILAB (formerly CSELT) and the Computer Engineering Group of the University of Parma