Jamil Draréni


My name is Jamil Draréni. In  arabic, Jamil means beautiful. Of course, any connection to my physical aspect is a pure coincidence :-) .

I am originally from Algeria and I have been living  in  Montréal (Canada) since 1996. Upon my arrival in Montréal, I registered at University of Montréal where I graduated in computer science. I must admit that during my Bachelor I spent most of my time partying and swimming at the Uni’s swimming-pool. I also discovered the magic of traditional photography through an optional course. Almost all my budget ever since was dedicated to  cameras.

After my graduation, I decided to pursue my quest for knowledge through a Master degree in Computer Vision, little I knew that my endeavour would drift me to exciting and rich experiences. The topic of my M.sc revolved around Camera Egomotion Estimation. The research has been conducted under the supervision of Pr. Sébastien Roy in the same school. I then enrolled into a Ph.d program in a joint thesis supervision at INRIA in Grenoble (France) in the middle of the French Alps within PERCEPTION group. My advisors are now Sébastien Roy (DIRO) and Peter Sturm (INRIA).

As my supervisors poll doubled, so my subjects and the fun!

Some facts...