ETOS Compiler

ETOS Compiler

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About ETOS

ETOS is an efficient implementation of Erlang. The ETOS compiler transforms Erlang programs into Scheme programs. The Scheme code generated by ETOS can take advantage of the special features of the Gambit Scheme compiler.

Acquiring ETOS

ETOS 2.3 is distributed in binary form for solaris and linux in a gzipped "tar" file:

The source code for ETOS 1.4 is distributed in a gzipped "tar" file:

Copyright and distribution information

The ETOS compiler is Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Université de Montréal, all rights reserved.

The ETOS compiler and programs developed with it may be distributed only under the following conditions: they must not be sold or transferred for compensation and they must include this copyright and distribution notice. In particular, this allows ETOS to be used freely for academic research and education. For a commercial license please contact


If you have any bug reports, suggestions or questions concerning ETOS, please address them to:

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