AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-02-25Add to Gambit REPL some functions to send SMS and take pictures (this functio...Marc Feeley
2012-02-22Improve Gambit REPL (toolbar is semi transparent and the alpha can be set wit...Marc Feeley
2012-02-21Added intf#set-idle-timer to Gambit REPL app to control whether the device is...Marc Feeley
2012-02-21Improve grd program in Gambit REPL iOS example (add "mv" command, on Windows ...Marc Feeley
2012-02-21Merge branch 'master' of Feeley
2012-02-21Various changes to Gambit REPL (build using SDK 4.3, higher resolution screen...Marc Feeley
2012-02-13Add "grd" program to Gambit REPL iOS example for remotely interacting with it.Marc Feeley
2012-02-13Change "make prebuilt" so that it uses local VirtualBox VMs.Marc Feeley
2012-02-10[RUNTIME CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.4] Changed version of runtime using misc/cha...Marc Feeley
2012-02-10[COMPILER CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.4] Changed version in compilerMarc Feeley
2012-02-10Add to GambitREPL for iOS the ability to access location update events (e.g. ...Marc Feeley
2012-02-09Use -O2 flag on C compiler (historically it has always been -O1 because gcc g...Marc Feeley
2012-02-07Fix iOS 5.0 issue (file descriptors for regular files can't be put in nonbloc...Marc Feeley
2012-02-06Improve GambitREPL iOS example.Marc Feeley
2012-02-06Improve GambitREPL for iOS example.Marc Feeley
2012-02-03Add to gambc-cc script the ability to report OBJ_EXTENSION, EXE_EXTENSION, an...Marc Feeley
2012-02-01Add configure script detection of "bool" type support by the C compiler.Marc Feeley
2012-02-01Add missing definitions to gambit.h to support "long long" type conversions (...Marc Feeley
2012-02-01Fix C++ nonconformance on Windows with MinGW by adding appropriate casts.Marc Feeley
2012-01-31Add C compiler options to improve build on Windows using MinGW.Marc Feeley
2012-01-31Improve robustness of shell-command on Windows.Marc Feeley
2012-01-29Fix configure script so that it correctly propagates the configure script opt...Marc Feeley
2012-01-28Add functionality to Xlib interface in Xlib-simple example.Marc Feeley
2012-01-28Improve robustness of Mac OS X build of prebuilt installers.Marc Feeley
2012-01-26Fix configure script, which improperly searched for the C compiler, causing t...Marc Feeley
2012-01-26Fix on Windows the open-process procedure which was not escaping the command ...Marc Feeley
2012-01-22Improve automatic selection of C compiler on Mac OS X and configure messages.Marc Feeley
2012-01-18Update time stamp for new revision.Marc Feeley
2012-01-18[RUNTIME CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.3] Changed version of runtime using misc/cha...Marc Feeley
2012-01-18[COMPILER CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.3] Changed version in compilerMarc Feeley
2012-01-18add X86 instruction encoding and assembler in preparation for X86 backendMarc Feeley
2011-11-17Prevent repeated inlining of primitivesMarc Feeley
2011-10-22Make git follow iOS example help filesMarc Feeley
2011-10-22Update .gitignored filesMarc Feeley
2011-10-20Normalize the sign bit of +nan.0 to negative in the C code generated, regardl...Marc Feeley
2011-10-20Fix bug #125. (table-copy t) now correctly copies the hash function of t whe...Marc Feeley
2011-10-20Fix inlining of assq/assv and memq/memv so that their recursion uses proper t...Marc Feeley
2011-10-20Fix inlining of for-each and map so that their recursion uses proper tail cal...Marc Feeley
2011-10-20Change push destination to frontal07.iro.umontreal.caMarc Feeley
2011-10-20Change push destination from to frontal.iro.umontreal.caMarc Feeley
2011-10-19[RUNTIME CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.2] Changed version of runtime using misc/cha...Marc Feeley
2011-10-19[COMPILER CHANGES NEEDED FOR v4.6.2] Changed version in compilerMarc Feeley
2011-10-18Fix EIO != EAGAIN pipe problem on linux and give warning when using LLVM GCC ...Marc Feeley
2011-10-17Add missing logic for 'prebuilt' targetMarc Feeley
2011-10-17Make configure script output a message which helps avoid LLVM GCC (useful on ...Marc Feeley
2011-10-17Better detect absence of socklen_t definitionMarc Feeley
2011-10-17Use default C and C++ compiler search of autoconfMarc Feeley
2011-10-17Change 'prebuilt' target so that it builds remotely on VMs running with Virtu...Marc Feeley
2011-10-17Treat .exe and .dmg as binaryMarc Feeley
2011-10-17Avoid label values when using LLVMMarc Feeley