4. How to run SUIP on sample systems


After downloading the software, you can run SUIP on existing sample systems. The current release of SUIP includes four sample systems: ATM system (atmprj), Library system (libprj), filing system (efsprj), and the gas pump system (gasprj).

SUIP can be run with one or two arguments "java Suip projectname [usecasename]":

Under each projectname directory, you will have the following sub-directories.


For instance, to run SUIP on the library system, type:

java Suip libprj.

To run SUIP on the library system for a specific use case (loan for example), type:

java Suip libprj loan

To visualize the prototype for a UIO (UIO=Terminal for the library system), you must:

  1. create a new empty project in the environment of Visual Cafe,
  2. menu File à New project à Empty project

  3. insert the Java files generated for the UIO (found in libprj/UIobjects/UIO/) into this new project,
  4. menu Insert à Files into project

  5. execute the project in Visual Cafe. You can directly refine the frames generated in the interface builder of Visual Cafe.

menu Project à Execute