Design-Level Software Composition

Talk at Workshop on Component-based software composition (held at CASCON98), Toronto, ON, Canada, 98-12-04

Component-based software development has proven effective for systems
implementation in well-understood application domains, but is still
insufficient for the creation of reusable and changeable software
architectures. Design patterns address these shortcomings by capturing the
expertise that is necessary for reusable design solutions, yet there is little
support for providing these conceptual design building blocks in a tangible
and composable form. To address this limitation, we have introduced design
components, i.e., reified design patterns fit for software composition. In
this talk, we will explain the notion of design component and detail their
constituents and services. Furthermore, we will describe the process of design
composition and present the prototype environment being built for supporting
our approach. Finally, we will report on our recent work in
reverse-engineering design components.

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