Tool Support for Business Process Reengineering:
From a Research Prototype to a Commercial Product

Process Improvement Symposium: Toward an International Vision (Vision 1996),
organized by SPIN, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 96-10-10

The goal of business reengineering is the design, analysis, simulation and
evolution of business architectures and processes, including their information
technology components. To comprehensively support business reengineering, an
appropriate modelling environment with adequate visualization mechanisms is
required. Such an environment may handle model information in a flexible, yet
expressive way and support substitution, documentation, validation and dynamic
analysis of models as well as model visualization and alternative
In a joint industry-university research project, we have developed a business
reengineering approach which is based on the formalism of extended, colored
Petri nets. To support and validate our approach, we have engineered the
Macrotec prototype environment. Macrotec was subsequently evolved into a
commercial product, which has found considerable distribution.

In this talk, the Macrotec approach and environment, together with its
commercial counterpart, will be presented. Then, the transition from the
Macrotec prototype to the commercial product will be detailed. Finally, some
lessons learned will be discussed.

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