MCM 2017: Submission of articles for the special issue

This is a call for papers for a special issue of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation , published by Elsevier, dedicated to papers related to presentations made at the MCM 2017 Conference in Montreal.

Authors of regular presentations in special or contributed sessions are invited to submit a paper based on their talk given at the conference. These manuscripts should contain original research contributions not published elsewhere and (as a general rule) should not exceed 15 pages in the required format. Exceptions to this rule could be made when the extra length can be justified by the importance of the contribution.

Invited plenary speakers can submit manuscripts of up to 25 pages, which can also be more survey-oriented.

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before publication. The authors must make sure that they have all the required rights to publish their material in the Proceedings.

Manuscripts must be submitted via the Elsevier site HERE by choosing "SI:MCM2017" as the article type.

IMPORTANT: When preparing your manuscripts, please read and follow carefully the formatting rules and guidelines for authors. It is strongly recommended to typeset your papers in LaTeX and use the templates provided there. For the bibliography, use the BiBTeX Style file model1b-num-names.bst

The deadline for submissions is December 16, 2017.

-- Pierre L'Ecuyer, Conference Chair