BiBTeX database and LaTeX macros of Pierre L'Ecuyer

The .bib files

Along the years, with the help of other people, I have collected a BiBTeX database of references related to my research. These references are partitioned (sometimes a bit arbitrarily) in the categories defined below. Some may appear in more than one category. All the references of any given category are in a single .bib file to the name of that category.

In each .bib file, the BiBTeX code of all entries start with a one-letter (sometimes two-letter) prefix for that category, followed by the first three letters of the name of the first author in uppercase, followed by the last two digits of the year of publication, and followed by a lowercase letter (a, b, c, ...). For example, for the category ``random number generators,'' the file name is ``random.bib'' and the one-letter prefix is ``r.'' In that file, the famous book of Niederreiter (1992) has BiBTeX code ``rNIE92b.'' As another example, the category ``variance reduction techniques'' has file name ``vrt.bib'' and prefix ``v.'' The prefix is the first letter of the file name, with the following exceptions: stat.bib has prefix t (because s is already taken by simul) and callc has prefix cc. These databases are clearly far from being complete, but they may nevertheless be useful for other people doing research in these areas. I would be happy to include relevant additional entries that you can provide me in .bib format, as long as I can keep up with it.

The .bib files are now maintained (and regularly updated) in a DropBox directoty AT THIS LINK.
The files are as follows, in the format:
name.bib (prefix) : Category description.

Some LaTeX macros

Directory with all the files (large and messy...).

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