Computer Vision Companies at Montreal

This is a listing of companies located in the Montreal, Quebec area who do some amount of computer vision software development. For each company, a short description is presented, where quoted passages have been lifted verbatim from the company's home page, and non-quoted passages are my own comments.
The list of companies in this document is

Air Data, Inc.

Air Data, Inc.
8368 Bougainville,
Montreal, PQ
H4P 2G1

``Air Data, founded in 1989, has contributed to many advances in the area of aviation and industrial electronics, control, testing and instrumentation. Based in Montreal, Air Data has skills in advanced electronics for both hardware and software design, data processing, microprocessor control and monitoring systems and integrated Global Positioning Systems.''

CAE Electronics Ltd.

CAE Electronics Ltd.
P.O. Box 1800,
8585 Cote de liesse Rd.
Saint-Laurent, Québec,
Tel: (514) 341-6780
Fax: (514) 341-7699

``CAE Electronics Ltd. applies its real-time computer-based technology to complex simulation, training, control and monitoring tasks across a broad spectrum of civil and military aircraft; hydro and thermal power generation, transmission and distribution; air traffic management; maritime operations; space exploration and submarine detection systems.''

Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal

Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal
1801 McGill-College Ave.,
Montreal, PQ

AI group has a vision sub-group, as well as some research on vision in the Human-Computer Interaction group.

Cognex Corporation

Cognex Canada -- Surface Inspection Systems Division
2196 32nd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Phone: (508) 650-3000
Fax: (508) 650-3333

Head Office Cognex Corporation
One Vision Drive
Natick, MA 01760

One of the largest computer vision companies in the world. Head office is in Natick, MA, but has a branch in Lachine.

Coreco Inc.

Coreco Inc.
6969 Trans-Canada Hwy. #142
St. Laurent, Quebec H4T 1V8
Fax: (514) 333-1388

Large computer vision hardware company. Software is done by subsidiary Logical Vision in B.C., but some is done locally.

Discreet Logic

10 rue Duke
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 2L7
Tel: 514.393.1616 or 1-800-869-3504
Fax: 514.393.0110 or 1-800-305-6442

``Discreet Logic develops creative technology for production professionals. Our visual effects, editing, broadcast and digital infrastructure solutions give artists, editors and broadcasters new ways to succeed.'' (Some amount of computer vision is used in VAPOUR Virtual Studio, to align cameras and composite live video with computer generated animation.)

Division Robotique de IREQ, (Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec)

Division Robotique de l'Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec
40, montée Ste-Julie
Varennes (Québec) Canada
J3X 1S1

The robotics group is a large group covering a lot of different hardware and software in vision and robotics.


3981, Mont-Royal
Saint-Hubert (Qc) J4T 2H4

``Over 25% of Geo-3D's human and financial resources are dedicated to research and development. Our main current projects are: developing a stereoscopic aerial video production and editing system; developing an aerial video geographical reference system (GPS).''


3549 Ashby
St. Laurent, PQ H4R 2K3
Contact: Alain Beauregard
Phone: (514) 335-1005
Fax: (514) 335-4576

``Lasiris Inc. is offering a complete line of eye-safe laser-based structured light products for machine vision and alignment.''

Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging
Imaging Products Group
1055 St. Regis Boulevard
Dorval, PQ H9P 2T4
Contact: Francois Bertrand
Director, Sales & Marketing
Phone: (514) 685-2630
Fax: (514) 969-6273

``Matrox imaging products feature a complete line of PCI hardware that ranges from standard/non-standard frame grabbers to high-end image processors that integrate capture, real-time processing and powerful high-resolution display.'' (Certainly hardware-oriented, but some software also)

MPB Technologies Inc.

MPB Technologies Inc.
Head Office
151 Hymus Blvd.
Pointe Claire, QC
Canada H9R 1E9
Tel: 514-694-8751
Fax: 514-695-7492

``Federally incorporated in late 1976, MPB Technologies Inc. commenced operation at the beginning of 1977. Starting from an initial staff of 8, the Company has grown to a strength of over 200 full time employees. The personnel of MPB Technologies Inc. consists of a unique combination of physicists, electronic and mechanical engineers, technical staff backed by experienced and efficient project management. Many of the key staff members are widely recognized for their contributions to various disciplines. Approximately 30% of the professional staff members are holders of a Ph.D. degree.'' (Lots of different R&D in communications, space, lasers, etc., vision is just one portion)


MVS Modular Vision Systems, Inc.
4830 Cousens
Montreal, Quebec

MVSI, Inc.
Head Office
8133 Leesburg Pike
Suite 750
Vienna, VA 22182

``MVS Modular Vision Systems, Inc., in Montreal, Canada, manufactures and integrates machine vision systems for the welding, robotics and semiconductor industries.''

Noesis Vision Inc.

Noesis Vision Inc.
6800 Cote de Liesse
Suite #200
St. Laurent, PQ H4T 2A7

Contact: Luc Nocente, General Manager
Phone: (514) 345-1400
Fax: (514) 345-1575

``Noesis provides services for the development of imaging applications using its own imaging software, Visilog. Visilog can be used in conjunction with third party hardware from Matrox, Coreco and ITI. Visilog provides a wide selection of imaging algorithms and powerful C programming tools.'' (4 employees in total)

Servo-Robot Inc.

Servo-Robot Inc.
1380 Graham Bell
Boucherville, PQ J4B 6H5
Contact: Jean-Paul Boillot
Chairman and CEO
Phone: (514) 655-4223
Fax: (514) 655-4963

``Servo-Robot manufactures standard and custom laser range finders and 3D laser vision systems for various applications, particularly process management and robotics. Our engineering team develops specific software, machine vision systems, powerful 3D image processors using most up-to-date parallel DSP technology, for various applications to meet customer needs.''

Softimage Inc.

Softimage Inc.
3510 boul. St. Laurent, Suite 400,
Montreal (Quebec), Canada
H2X 2V2
Fax: (514) 845-5490

``Softimage Inc. is a leading developer of high-end software for all areas of professional visual content production, with tools for creating 3-D and 2-D animation, as well as for creating, editing and finishing video programs.'' (Some of their R&D projects may involve computer vision, including one on integration of live actors with computer generated animation. Motion tracking and camera registration have been incorporated into their package).

SolVision Inc.

SolVision Inc
50 De Lauzon, Bureau 100
Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
J4B 1E6
450-679-9542 x371

``SolVision Inc develops turnkey solutions in machine vision. Offer automated visual inspection systems and complete image engineering services. Products available cover ammunition inspection and micro-circuit inspection; CLIS-1000 coplanarity lead inspection system for SMT; and VMS-5000 and VIA measurement system for PCB.''

Walsh Automation Inc.

Walsh Automation Inc.
3300 Cavendish Boulevard, Suite 670
Montreal, PQ H4B 2M8
Phone: (514) 485-6611
Fax: (514) 485-6617

``Vision system integrator. The company employs over 200 technicians and engineers in process and manufacturing automation. The mission of our vision group is to develop and integrate machine vision technologies for optimizing real-time visual tasks such as sorting, inspecting, etc.''

Vizmatic Inc.

Vizmatic Inc.
5640, avenue Decelles, #29
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H3T 1W5
Tel.: (514) 344-1085

``Vizmatic provides research and development services in computer vision (Vizmatic fournit des services de recherche et développement en vision artificielle).''


DALSA Montreal
7075 Place Robert-Joncas
Suite #142
St. Laurent, Quebec
Canada, H4M 2Z2
Tel: (514) 333 1301

DALSA has led the evolution of digital imaging for over a quarter century and has earned its reputation as a global leader in high performance imaging and semiconductors. DALSA, its employees and partners are committed to enabling industry, art and exploration through innovative technology.

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