IFT 6150
Digital Image Processing

Hours & Local

Type Day Hours Local
CourseTuesday16h30-18h30 PAA-1360
Practical WorksFriday16h30-18h30 PAA-1340

Introduction & Program
Program   (pdf) (ps)
Planning   (html)
Reference Book   (html)
Demonstrator   (html)

IFT6150 Course Presentation (7 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)

Introduction to Image Processing (19 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Quantization ]

Fourier Transform (25 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Fourier serie ] [Convolution ] [Fourier ]

Discrete Fourier Transform (24 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[DFT ] [DFT Filtering ] [2D DFT ]
[Reconstruction ] [Aliasing ]

Hadamard, Hough and Hotelling Transforms (10 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Hadamard ] [Hough ]

Image Enhancement by Point Operation (21 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Histogram ]

Spatial Filtering (28 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Spatial Filtering ]

Spatial Frequency Filtering (17 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[DFT Filtering ]

Deconvolution and Restoration Techniques (17 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Wiener Filter ]

Geometrical Correction and Tomography (20 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Interpolation ] [Tomography ]

Binary Images and Morphological Filters (32 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Morphology ] [Thinning ]

Image Segmentation (26 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Quadtree ] [Snake ] [Markov ]

Textures & Color Image Processing (23 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Colorimetry ] [Color Conversion ]
[Filtering & Color ] [Texture ]

Image Compression (18 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Huffman [DCT ] [Jpeg ]
[Fractal ] [Fractal Coder ] [Fractal Decoder ]

Pattern Recognition (15 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)
[Fourier Descriptor ] [K-means ] [K-ppv ]

Movement Detection (11 pages)
(pdf) (pdf_) (pdf2x) (ps2x) (html)

Additional Notes
Fourier Transform     (pdf)
Fourier Transform (Properties) (pdf)
Fourier Transform (demo)     (html)
Animated Course     (html)

Practical Works
Advices for the Practical Works   (pdf) (ps)
Remise Command   (html) (html)
Working at home   (html)
Practical Work 1     (pdf) (ps) (html) (prog1) (compl) (login)
Practical Work 2     (pdf) (ps) (html) (prog2)
Practical Work 3     (pdf) (ps) (html) (prog3) (Haar Wavelet)
Practical Work 4     (pdf) (ps) (html) (prog4)
Practical Work 5     (pdf) (ps) (html) (prog5) (compl) (mpg)


Visual Perception .................................  (html) (prog)
Histogram Egalisation & Hotelling .......  (html) (prog)
Median & Low-Pass Filter ...................  (html) (prog)
Marr Hildreth & Cany Edge Detector ..  (html) (prog)
Tomography II ...................................... (html) (prog)
Texture Segmentation ...........................  (html) (prog)

Applied Project
Advices for the Applied Project   (ps) (pdf)

Final A14 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A13 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A12 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A11 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A10 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A08 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A07 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A06 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A05 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A04 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A03 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A02 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A01 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)
Final A00 (correction)   (pdf) (ps) (html)

Grades IFT6150

Statistics IFT6150 A14   (pdf)
Statistics IFT6150 A13   (pdf)
Statistics IFT6150 A12   (pdf)
Statistics IFT6150 A11   (pdf)
Statistics IFT6150 A10   (pdf)
Statistics IFT6150 A08   (pdf)

[ A06 ] [ A06 ] [ A05 ] [ A04 ]
[ A03 ] [ A02 ] [ A01 ] [ A00 ]

Technical advices
DIRO Technical Advices

Useful Docs
On-line Computer Vision/Image Processing Books   (html)
Image Processing On Line (html)
Introduction to Unix   (pdf)     (Working at home (html))
Introduction to Latex   (pdf) (ps) (example) (Latex tricks) (Equation editor)
Introduction to KDE   (html)
Introduction to HTML   (html)
XV manual   (html)
GIMP manual   (html) (html)
Gnuplot manual   (html) (example)
Programming in C   (html)
GDB Debugger for C (pdf)
Multithreading Programming for C (html)
Installing OpenCV in Ubuntu (html)

Test Images / Image Sequences
The Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark
Computer Vision Test Images
Textures Database
CVonline Image database
Image database (CMU)
Medical Image Databases

Periodical Vision Journals
Periodical Vision Journal list
IEEE Xplore

Vision Companies
Vision Companies at Montreal

Interesting Links
Color Conversion
VRML Homepage
Computer Vision HomePage
efg's Computer Lab
Lenna's story
CVIPtools from SIUE
PfsTools for HDR images

Wavelet transform
Courses (Other interesting topics)

Image Processing Applets
Institut für Robotik und Prozessinformatik

Interesting Links for the Image Processing Prog. Implementation
Librairie STL
Librairie QT
Librairie Open GL
Computer Vision Software
Computational Geometry Code
LTI-Lib code sharing

Related Image Processing Courses in Other Universities
ENSTA (Paris 6 University)
Prof. Bouman's Courses (Purdue university)
Prof. Delp's Courses (Purdue University)
Hagit Zabrodsky Hel-Or 's Courses (Israel University)