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	  xeventmanager	- part of Simula to Xlib interface

	     IOProcess class XEventManager(Display);
	     ref(XDisplay) Display;
	  This class manage input from the Window Server, translate it
	  to Simula object of the corresponding	Event-class, finds out
	  which	Window it is targeted for, and finally,	sends it as  a
	  message to the defined subclass of XProcess.

	  XEventManager	also sees to that the buffered output  to  the
	  Window  Server  is flushed when the Simula client program is
	  about	to go idle.

	  SUPERS: IOProcess;
	  KIND:	Instantiable;
	  INIT:	to be registered by ProcessManager and started.;
	  Sequencing: Start