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	  xkeysymnames - part of Simula	to Xlib	interface

	     class XKeySymNames;
	  This class contains  constant	 definitions  in  relation  to
	  keyboard mapping. The	constants come from file 'keysymdef.h'
	  and all start	with 'XK_', and	ap_keysym.h, which start  with
	  'apXK_'.   They  are	simply to many to list here. Create an
	  object  of  this  class  when	 you  need  to	access	 these
	  constants.   See  a  X11  tutorial for details on how	to use
	  KeySym definitions.

	  SUPERS: -
	  KIND:	Subclassable
	  INIT:	Initilises itself
	  Sequencing: (XK_Tab/XK_Linefeed/XK_Clear/XK_Return/ etc