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	  xvisualinfo -	part of	Simula to Xlib interface

	     class XVisualInfo;
	  Object representing 'visuals', describing HW characteristics
	  of  a	 as  an	example. Objects of this class are returned as
	  result of operation MatchVisualInfo of class X_Screen. It is
	  meaningless for the application programmer to	create objects
	  of this kind.	For the	meaning	 of  the  attributes  of  this
	  class, please	consult	an X11 tutorial.

	  SUPERS: -
	  KIND:	Instantiable, objects created by class X_Screen.
	  INIT:	done by	X_Screen.
	  :	       cllass/depth/screen/visualid/visual)*

	     integer bits_per_rgb;
	     integer colormap_size;
	     integer blue_mask;
	     integer green_mask;
	     integer red_mask;
	     integer cllass;
	     integer depth;
	     integer screen;
	     integer visualid;
	     integer visual;