Petko Valtchev, Ph.D.

Petko Valtchev is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science and Operation Research Department of the University of Montreal. He completed his undergraduate studies (1992) first at Sofia University St Klyment of Ohrid and then at Vienna University. Petko holds a M.Sc. from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG), France, and a Doctoral degree from J. Fourier University, Grenoble (1999). His Ph.D. thesis on knowledge discovery for knowledge base construction was prepared at INRIA. Afterwards, Petko spent a year of Post-doctoral training at the Department of Computer Science, UQAM, Montreal, Canada, with a INRIA Post-doctoral Fellowship.

He is currently working on several projects involving formal concept analysis, which receive financial support from provincial, federal and foreign funding sources, and is leading the development of the Galicia lattice-manipulation platform. Petko's research interests include ontology engineering, knowledge discovery from structured and semi-structured data, algorithms for lattice construction and maintenance, applications of formal concept analysis to practical problems from software re-engineering and visualization, information retrieval, genetics, etc.

Research Interests

Knowledge-based systems; knowledge discovery; partial order and lattice algorithms; object-orientation and reuse; automated software engineering.

Current Research Projects

  • Algorithms for buildig lattices from parts
  • Mining structured and semi-structured data
  • Galois lattices for building and maintaining class hierarchies in OO applications

Some Recent Publications