Overview of works watercolorists society Northwest Watercolor Society.

Northwest Watercolour Society ( Northwest Watercolor Society / NWWS ) was founded in Seattle in Washington ( Seattle , Washington) in 1939 , in order to develop interest in watercolors and improve its effects such as painting techniques .

In 1992, the Company surpassed the boundaries of Washington, began to take members from other states of America , as well as from Canada. Since then constantly roslo as members of a society and its impact , which made NWWS, according to the magazine The Artist's Magazine, one of the ten most prominent regional companies in North America.


Dancy , " Midnight Express "

Midnight Express by Denise Athanas


Kate Barbetta , " Morning News "

Morning News by Kate Barber Seattle, WA

Tanya Bon , "

Prehistarbuck Ages by Tanya Bone Richmond, British Columbia

by Donna Botten

Just Ducky by Chica Brunsvold
Falls Church,

Angelfish , 2009 # 2 by Cheng-Khee Chee, < br />

Chamber Piece
by Dick Cole


Kathy Collins

Flea Market Treasure by Robin Erickson Fallbrook, CA M.Graham Award

Mumford Bar, N.Fork Amer. Rvr
by Janet Tarjan Erl

by Charlene Freeman

Sausalito Sailboats
by Michael Friedland

Sidewalk Blues # 2 ; by Stan Goudey San Ysabel, CA

Two Balls Short
by Judy Guttormsen


                                             Hidden Lake by Elizabeth Hamlin, Camano Island, WA

Behind Bars
by Glenyse Henschel

Which Habitat & Species Will
by Judy Hoiness

Iretta Hunter, " Tomatoes " Quilted Tomatoes

by Iretta Hunter

Lance Hunter, " New York "

Alias: The Big Apple
by Lance Hunter

Paul Jackson , "Angel rare species "

Uncommon Angel
by Paul Jackson


Bill James , " Start position "

Beginning Stance
by Bill James
Ocala, FL

Earth Coat
by Betty Jameson

Kim Kearns , " Michaela "

by Kim Kearns


Elizabeth Kincaid , "Shadows of Love "

Love Shadows by Elizabeth Kincaid Kirkland, WA Artist's Award

Ed Labadie , " Tosca "

by Ed Labadie

Yudi Lawson, " In the circus with Kate and Henry "

by Judy Lawson

Douglas Leu , "Life among the clouds "

Live Among the Clouds
by Douglas Lew

Michael Maher , "Light , shadow and gloom "

Light, Shade & Shadow
by Michael D. Maher

Elaine Mahler , "Energy !"

by Elaine Mahler

Linda McCord , " Mom's sewing room "

Mom's Sewing Room
by Linda McCord

Robert McIntyre , "E = mc ^ 2 "

E = mc2
by Robert McIntyre
Pacific Grove,

Sandy Newhouse, " Boats "

Dinghies Only
by Sandy Newhouse
Vaughn, WA


Ted Nutall , "Still believing "

Still Believing
by Ted Nuttall


Charles O'Connor, " cherry blossom "

Cherry Blossoms
by Carla O'Connor


The Down Pour  2009 Avard by Bev Jozwiak, Vankuver


Over the Hills
by Barbara Pease

Come On 7
by William Rogers


by Karen Standridge,

Parrot Tulips 2007 Award by GennyRees,


Blazing Pedals
2005 Award
by Doug Lew,
Edina, MN

Angelica 2004 Award 
by Mary Carlton,

Heading Home #3 2003 Award
by Suzanne O'Conner,

Tripping the Light Fantastic 2002 Award    by        KindaKiousis, Cleveland,   

Evening Mirage 2001 Award 
by Amy Burnett,

Gladiolas  1997 Award    by Eric Weigardt Ocean Park,    


A Horse of Course 1998 Award
by Myrna Nagle
Gig Harbor,  

Eye of the Iris 1996 Award 
by Marge Anderson,
Lebanon, OR


Window Series #7 1995 Award
by Win Bainbridge, 

Piano Man 1994 Award by Lois Silver, 

Kowloon Corner 1991 Award
by Jess Cauthorn,

Blanc et Noir 1989 Award
by Priscilla Maynard


The Golden Field  1987 Awardby W.E.Woods