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Philippe Vaucher, Cineaste (Montreal)
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Né a Montréal en 1975, Philippe Vaucher a étudié a l'Université Concordia et remporté des prix pour The Colours of Mourning (1997) et La Maskarade (1998).

Son dessin animé Chasse-Papillon a ouvert le Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal (aout 2001).

Recently, he was featured in Concordia University Magazine.

Il a aussi complété le pélerinage de Compostelle.


Red and Blue (2005):
Animated video clip for the CD "Le jardin de Nuit", by Montreal Jazz Violinist Mireille Proulx ( 5 min. )


Richard Vaucher, Animator

Richard Vaucher is a 3D artist currently living and working in the UK. Born in 1977 in Switzerland. Animation school in Dublin. Worked for a video game company for 4 years until he decided to start his short film called "A Barbaric Tale".

Catherine Vaucher, Dancer, USA

Ms. Vaucher (M.F.A. in Dance: UW-Madison) leads a modern dance ensemble, Animage, which presented its debut performance at the Princeton's Loft Theater in June 12 1998. Ms. Vaucher studied dance theory at the University of California and has taught improvisation, modern dance, dance theory and therapy at NYU and the Universities of California, Wisconsin, Southern Illinois, and Georgia.

Borrowing from modern and classical dance styles, Ms. Vaucher says her troupe of six dancers creates new forms of movement, which are physical and improvisational, much like kittens rolling around on top of each other while playing. The dancers are accompanied by musicians improvising on tabla, kaleidoscope, percussion, didgeridoo and voice.

Gee Vaucher, Punk/Anarchist/Feminist Artist

Born in Dagenham, East London, 1945
Vaucher's work with the anarchist band Crass - from the innovative wraparound record sleeves to the posters - is seminal to the 'protest art' of the '80s; imitated by the 'underground' and ripped-off by the 'mainstream', hers is the work that most people would recognize, but whose name few would know. She saw her art as a tool for social change and her work with Crass is a good example of her agit-prop approach. Examples of her work can be found in CRASS Art and Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters, "a stunning collection of painting and collage work from the punk movement's seminal protest artist"

Andrea R. Vaucher, USA

Journalist, photographer, film and art critic. Andréa Vaucher studied painting and literature at Bennington College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television and a Masters of Arts degree in Cinema Studies from NYU. She has contributed to publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Les Cahiers du Cinema, American Film, Film Comment, Movieline, New Woman, The Village Voice, and LA Weekly.

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Jan 12, 2002: Andrea Vaucher joined Variety as reporter based in Paris.

Vaucher, who holds the title of Euro correspondent, has worked for more than two decades as a writer and journalist. She is the author of the book "Muses From Chaos and Ash: AIDS, Artists and Art," and has written pieces for the Washington Post, the New York Times and Le Monde, among others. [Source, and...]

In a 1998 Washington Post article on Monica Lewinski and Clinton, Andrea states:
For some local educators, this is a disturbing statement about the attitude and aims of some young women. "Did she think this was the only avenue open to her? It's so distorted," says Andrea Vaucher, the head of a mentoring program at the Archer School for Girls, a school on the West Side founded four years ago by concerned parents. "This is a person who thinks nothing of herself. She is grandiose and at the same time insecure. What a strange place to be."

Emmanuel Vaucher, USA

Olivier Vaucher, Genève

Born in 1954 in Fleurier, Olivier established himself as an independent engraver in 1978 in Geneva. Today, his atelier, located only a few steps from one of the busiest streets in Geneva, employs about a dozen people within its centuries-old walls. Most have been with Vaucher for a decade or more, and have complementary skills in engraving, animal art, and miniature painting. He has worked for various high-end watchmakers like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. [Source Europa Star]

Anne de Vaucher Gravili, Italie

Associate Professor of French Literature and Language at the Foscari University of Venice.


Charles-Ferdinand Vaucher (1902-1972),

Acteur et scenariste suisse. Charles Ferdinand Vaucher, 1902 in Fleurier NE born, moved 1906 with his family to Basel. In Geneva he studied jurisprudence and philosophy and earned his living as an interpreter in the people federation palace. At the same time he attended acting school. The following moving years brought it together also with Louis Jouvet in Paris. His first book "Polly, or the children in the new building" appeared in the twenties. He wrote plays and radio plays. He met At a congress of writers in Madrid he met Ernest Hemingway, with whom he fought against Franco in the international brigades. Back in Switzerland Vaucher lost his entire inheritance, because he invested in the ill-fatede motion picture "Farinet". The negative of that film was destroyed during a bomb attack on the film laboratories of Boulongue Billancourt in Paris. In the 1940s, he started and acted in several Cabarets (Cabaret Cornichon, Cabaret Kaktus with Alfred Rasser). He also worked in radio and television. Cooking was a lifelong hobby and he even wrote a cookbook "Herd, du meine Gute". C F. Vaucher died shortly after his 70th birthday on 28 February 1972.

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Eric Vaucher, Movie Sound Engineer

Artiste engagé; documentaires, films politiques

Eric Vaucher-Fleurie, Entrepreneur & Jazz enthousiast, Mexique

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