Simula Software

(updated: 2006)

Simula Compilers

Historic packages

Our early simulation extention (1971). Perhaps, the first Simula user package written outside NCC.

SafeIO (1975)
Procedures for interactive IO and text handling, initially written by Mats Ohlin of the Swedish Defence Research Institute as part of Jacob Palme Dec-10 Simula system. This version was updated several times.

SimDBM (1975)
% "A Codasyl-type DBMS package in Simula" by Kalle Makila
% Swedish Institute of National Defense,  FOA 1 report
% C 10038-M3(E5) aug. 1975
A discrete simulation package written by G. Birtwistle (1979)
A combined discrete-continuous simulation package written by Keld Helsgaun, Roskilde University Center, Denmark (1980)

Settools & windowtools
Packages written by Kirkerud, U. Oslo (circa 1990). Rewritten in Montreal as:

Montreal Packages and Classes

Bit fiddling routines (in C) for UNIX.SIM package. These include Setting, resetting and testing bits in words as well as Peek and Poke for Words, Half-words and Bytes.
Example of a CGI program in Simula - a CGI program is referenced like a WWW page except that it is executed rather than copied. The output of the program (or script) should be in the format of a WWW page which is then returned to the requesting browser.

A SIMULA package which implements traditional data structures such as Priority Queues, Stacks and Dictionaries.

- The package was inspired by Bjorn Kirkerud's SETTOOLS but has been redesigned and rewritten several times to serve not only as a tool but as an example of object programming.

Extention to allow direct files to be accessed by keys

A recursive program that draws random mazes. Was used as an example for the last progamming assignment for ift1010 in W97.

Montreal's compile-link-go script for Lund Simula. Written in PERL and based on the Oslo SC script for CIM.

A pretty-printer for Simula. Uses a Simula tokenizer

Simula classes to use UNIX Stream and DataGram Sockets. Uses the C routines from inetsock.c and inetsock.h
= Previous version (1.4)

Basic text utilities

Procedures to interface to UNIX features like command line arguments, environment variables, password file entries. Also procedures to PEEK at memory locations.

This is the Montreal version of the Kirkerud's window/graphics package. The code has been split into 2 parts: