Felisa J. Vázquez-Abad and Richard Rothwell
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Reliability Activity


The map shown below depicts the location of the seven Bank branches to interconnect. There are many possible different types of medium that can be chosen for connecting two nodes. Examples are:

  • Copper twisted pair,
  • wireless link,
  • coaxial cable,
  • optical fiber,
  • infrared link, and
  • microwave link.
Also, the bank may rent bandwidth from different telecommunications providers.

The relevant data are:

This activity is related to the concept of Network Reliability. Links can fail with different probability depending on the type of medium chosen. Upon failure of certain links, however, the network may still be functional, meaning that all the Bank branches are connected by operational links. In such situations, repairs are not very costly because no loss of data transfers occur. If, however, a particular link failure pattern occcurs where one or more Bank branches are disconnected from the rest, then the ensuing costs for the Bank may be enormous!

Network Reliability

Network Reliability is defined as the probability that all branches are connected by operational links. More formally, the mathematical model is: