Haskell code for Algorithms: A FP Approach

Each chapter has a subdirectory named after the number of the chapter.
Each file is a Haskell module of the same name as the file. The convention for naming a file is as follows:
   where X = chapter number
         Y = section number
         Z = subsection number (if needed)
A zip file containing all programs is available here

There are also other files (and modules) that are named after the name of the abstract data types that they contain. If they are imported from another directory, it may be necessary to inform the interpreter where they are located, for example in Hugs do

  :set -P../Chapter5:{Hugs}/lib:{Hugs}/lib/hugs:{Hugs}/lib/exts
if the modules are in ../Chapter5

The Answers directory shows scripts giving the solutions to selected exercises.

The Other directory show other examples of Haskell programs but which are not described in the book

The programs have been tested in October 1998 using Hugs 1.4 available there.