L'Affaire du Collier (1786)

Les documents suivants sont des depositions dans une accusation d'escrocerie portée par Vaucher, Horloger, et Loque, Bijoutier, contre le Baron de Fages-Chaulnes, Le Sieur Bette d'Etienville, et autres dans l' Affaire du Collier (Paris, 1786). On trouve ces documents au National Library of Scotland. Voici le role de ces personnes selon Philadelphia Rare Books

Baron de Fages-Chaulnes: a member of the king's brother's company of guards who, was used as a semi-innocent fence in the conspirators' attempts to sell stones from the necklace. On the strength of his "great expectations" he bought a fortune's worth of watches and bibelots from the jewelers Vaucher and Loque, whom of course he then could not pay. Fined by the criminal court and pursued in civil suit by the defrauded jewelers.

Bette d'Étienville, Jean Charles Vincent de: another adventurer/victim; like the Baron de Fages, he was involved in his debt to Vaucher and Loque and represented one layer in the La Mottes' multitiered fencing scheme. Although fined, he seems to have come well out of the scrape—fittingly, he became a novelist, and he continued to the end of his life to indulge in shady intrigue.

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