Rashaya Al-Wadi

MSN Pictures by Eng. Wajdi-Saiid-Mhanna

Rashaya is situated on a montain top, south east of Beirut, near the Syrian border - on the map it would be half way between Jezzine and Damascus. It is dominated by an eighteenth century citadel. On its main street small shops sell old fashioned oil stoves, reflecting the needs of this chilly mountain town where the giant Mount Hermon (snow-covered six months of the year) looms nearby. This town is also known for its locally made gold and silver jewellery.

In 1943, several prominent nationalist politicians were imprisoned in Rashaya's Castle by the French Mandate administration. Finally yielding to mounting internal and international pressure, France released the prisoners on November 22, 1943; since then, this day has been celebrated as Independence Day.

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  • PS there is another Rachaya (al-Foukhar) in South Lebanon near the Golan heights


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  • MSN Pictures by Eng. Wajdi-Saiid-Mhanna

    Occupation by French (1925)

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