Alphonse Vaucher

(Alphonse H. Vaucher)




Jean Marc Vaucher 1792-1843   Marie Tengio    
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Henri Vaucher 1829   Marie ? 1836
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Alphonse Vaucher 1863-1908


  • Florence Vaucher 1857
  • Alphonse Vaucher 1863-1908



BEAUVILLE- Alphonse Vaucher, proprietor of the Fegan Hotel, 43 committed suicide this morning by shooting himself through the right temple with 32 calibre revolver. It was certain that he had con dead for several hours at .. the body was discovered by Mrs Vaucher. luul his revolver from bod The weapon one empty was round lying by his side. The cause la said to have been domestic trouble. It is alleged that he and his wife had several bitter of late. He was born in Switzerland ?? years ago null when young came to Ho tlin in Meadville and some time ago took charge of the Fagan Hotel. WUK married years ago but had no children. His wife an aged mother and a sister living in California Air Vaucher had sold his hotel aad was lo for California. After viewing the remains and hearing those who were in the house during the night, a jury brought ... to the effect that Mr Vaucher had come to his by a wound by his own hand. Titusville (Pa.) Morning Herald, May 19, 1908

From Buffalo Courier, May 20, 1908

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