Bertha Hortense Andrié

Sosa: 13

  • Née le 7 mai 1853 - Neuchâtel, Suisse
  • Décédée le 19 février 1952 - San Francisco, California, US , à l’âge de 98 ans

Mariages et enfants


Emigrated to US in 1875. In 1924, or 1925, Bertha Vaucher left St. Louis with her daughter, Daisy, to live in San Francisco, California. The two of them returned to St. Louis only once for a visit during September, 1940. During her years in San Francisco, Bertha tutored university students in French. She died on February 19, 1952, a few months short of her 99th birthday.

1920 Census shows her living in St-Louis with her daughter Daisy.
1940 Census lists them in San Francisco