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Canadian Branch:
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South America
Most Vauchers are to be found in the south of Brazil and Uruguay [ Click for Maps ]. They are descendants of a single emigrant, Clovis Vaucher who left Cormondrèche, Neuchâtel, in 1861 headed for the Swiss colony of San José, Argentina. Soon, he moved accross the river to Paysandu in Uruguay.

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    Missouri Branch:
    Fredrick Vaucher: watchmaker who came to St-Louis in 1870

    Panama Branch:
    Jules Alfred: left la Chaux de Fonds (~1903) for America settling in Reading, PA. In 1912, he moved the family to Panama
     - In the 1980s, his descendants left Panama for the US

    West Coast Branches:
    Max Vaucher, art teacher who came to Los Angeles, California just before the 1932 Olympics
    Claude Vaucher, Professor of Anthropology, Reed College, Portland, Oregon

    New York Area:
    Jean Adolphe, emigrated in 1848 and his daughter Anna married a Demonet
    Paul Vaucher, an artist. Great grandson of JPE Vaucher the botanist
    Emilie and Ottilie, two old-maids on welfare in NY whose escapade to Europe was reported all across the US.

    Emile Vaucher: Father of 3 sons who went to the US.
    - Reynold : came to Iowa in 1910 -> Chicago -> Texas

    - Eric: arrived in 1913
    - Levi: arrived in 1920

    War Veterans:
    James Vaucher, my ggrandfather, NY Infantry (1861), returned to Switzerland after 16 years in US
    James Vaucher, 96 Ill Inf, buried in Chattanooga national Cemetery
    James Vaucher, NY 1st Mounted Rifles (1862), may have gone AWOL
    Alphonse Vaucher, Pennsylvania Infantry (1862)
    Bob Vaucher, WW2 Bomber Pilot
    Johnny Vaucher, WW2 Air Forces
    Armand Vaucher, WW2 US Army

    Ray Vaucher, Illinois (1896-1940+)
    André Vaucher, California (1898-1996)
    William Vaucher, Illinois (1911-1940+)
    Ernest Vaucher, (1935-1993)
    Marc E. Vaucher (1950-)
    Elisa Vaucher (1894-1988, Florida)

    French Vauchers:
    Andrea Vaucher, née Katz; active writer and journalist
    Emmanuel Vaucher, wedding Photojournalist