Charles Ferdinand Vaucher

Ami de Ernest Hemingway




Charles Théodore Vaucher 1829-1883   Julie Caroline Petitpierre 1831-1899    
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Charles Ferdinand Vaucher 1863   Jeanne Diemer
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Charles Ferdinand Vaucher , Ami de Ernest Hemingway 1902-1972


19.1.1902 à Bâle, 28.2.1972 à Erlenbach (ZH), de Fleurier (auj. comm. Val-de-Travers).

Fils de Charles Ferdinand, chimiste, et de Johanna Diemer. ∞ 1) 1939 Katja Wulff (danseuse), 2) 1949 Edith Charlotte Herta Wernecke, actrice.


Acteur et scenariste suisse. Charles Ferdinand Vaucher, 1902 in Fleurier NE born, moved 1906 with his family to Basel. In Geneva he studied jurisprudence and philosophy and earned his living as an interpreter in the people federation palace. At the same time he attended acting school. The following moving years brought it together also with Louis Jouvet in Paris. His first book "Polly, or the children in the new building" appeared in the twenties. He wrote plays and radio plays. Worked on the script for the film "L'or dans la Montagne" (1939) starring Jean-Louis Barrault. The film was based on a novel by CF Ramuz about "Farinet", a Swiss Robin Hood.

At a congress of writers in Madrid he met Ernest Hemingway, with whom he fought against Franco in the international brigades. Back in Switzerland Vaucher lost his entire inheritance, because he invested in the ill-fated motion picture "Farinet". The negative of that film was destroyed during a bomb attack on the film laboratories of Boulongue Billancourt in Paris. In the 1940s, he started and acted in several Cabarets (Cabaret Cornichon, Cabaret Kaktus with Alfred Rasser). He also worked in radio and television. Cooking was a lifelong hobby and he even wrote a cookbook "Herd, du meine Gute". C F. Vaucher died shortly after his 70th birthday on 28 February 1972.