Jaques Louis Vaucher




Jaques François Vaucher 1714-1780   Susanne Duperret 1700-1798    
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Jean Jaques Vaucher 1745-1783   Susanne Catherine Poncet
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Jaques Louis Vaucher 1780-1814



Jonas (Jacques) Louis Vaucher joined the De Meuron's on the 20th of August 1805, at the Foreign Depot in Lymington, England. He is listed as a Private. Born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1784 he is soldier number 1262. The Vaucher name is common in the area around Fleurier just outside of Neuchatel. He was 5 foot 7 and a half inches tall. His civilian occupation is unreadable unfortunately. Between his enlistment in 1805 and the November 1806 muster roll nothing is noted. On the 25th of November 1806 he joined the 10th Company. Noted next to his name is the entry "marched to join the Regiment on the 18th December." The same day he was appointed Quarter Master. On March 2nd 1807 he was appointed Sergeant Paymaster.

Robin ? who studied the Regiment de Meuron states: I assume that Jacques Louis was a prisoner of war captured in Spain. Because the men who enlisted in service of the English with the Meuron at Lymington were conscripts under Napoleon captured either in Spain or Portugal.

. Le Regiment de Meuron est venu au Canada en 1813 de Malte.

- personne: M. Kreis