Delmiro Vaucher

(Adamir Vaucher)


Mariages et enfants


Abraham Louis Vaucher 1770-1853   Susanne Marie Porret 1802   Samuel Haller   Elisabeth Rioll
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Clovis Vaucher 1820   Jeannette Julie Haller 1821-1861
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Delmiro Vaucher 1854-1916



We believe that Delmiro - as he is known to his descendants - was originally baptised as Adamir My uncle Delmiro came from Suisse and entered the Uruguay. Later migrated to the west of Rio Grande do Sul - Alegrete. [ source: Sibele Vaucher] Ricardo Vaucher writes that Delmiro was married in Paysandú on 25 august 1881

Delmiro in Paysandu