Emile Vaucher

(Henri Emile Vaucher)


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Charles François Vaucher-Joset 1786-1856   Marie Marguerite Contesse 1804-1856   Henri Moïse Vuille 1801   Marie Elisabeth Garo
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Charles Auguste Vaucher 1825-1893   Marie Louise Vuille 1824-1893
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Emile Vaucher 1855-1918

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The family was evicted from the Jura (~1500) for being Protestants. Lived in Fleurier then Neuchâtel (Suisse).

Emile must have lived in the Commune de Gorgier (Chez-le-Bart), where Reynold was born; but eventually (1920) ended in the Rue de Beauregard, Neuchâtel (which you can stroll virtually via Google Map).
He was a high level official in Salvation Army

Origine: Fleurier (NE)
Source: Michel Kreis (SNG et Geneanet)

- geboorte: Acte de mariage (M. Kreis)
- huwelik: AEN (M. Kreis)