Edouard Vaucher

Doyen, Faculté de théologie à Paris


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Jonas Louis Vaucher 1775   Marie Louise Grandjean 1766    
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Edouard Vaucher , Membre de la "Société Industrielle de Mulhouse" 1801-1874   Cécile Elisabeth Luya 1816-1899
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Edouard Vaucher , Doyen, Faculté de théologie à Paris 1847-1920



Started on the path to a military carreer, but later entered into theological studies in Strassburg. In 1879 he became a teacher at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Paris, and in 1909 he was appointed Dean of this Faculty.

He was a dilligent religious and theological author, especially in the newspaper "Le Témoignage", and highly respected clergyman. ("själasörjare" is an old-fashioned word, which literally means "soul-carer".)

Vaucher had a clear and steadfast theological disposition and sterling personal qualities. During his later years, he was French Lutherdom's foremost churchman and tireless supporter in all circumstances. He represented France at the General Evangelical Lutheran Conference in Uppsala (Sweden) in 1911. His son Paul Vaucher became a respected professor of European History first in Lund, then London and finally the Sorbonne.
From: on-line Nordisk Familjebok.
Notes by Nathaniel Söderblom, Theology Professor at Uppsala University (1921) then Archbishop of Sweden.
Translated by Donald Maclean

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