Henri Hermann Liotard

(Henri Hermann "Mannery" Liotard)


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Henri Hermann Liotard 1830-1917


In 1882, Henri Hermann Liotard, a native of Switzerland and a graduate of the University of Paris, was named Professor of Modern Languages at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. For nineteen years Professor Liotard filled this position with industry and fidelity; he always had recitations at the early morning hour, and his classes were always among the largest in college. He was patient with his students, and inclined to a charitable view of their shortcomings. It was understood that he computed his grades to a minute decimal; it was a flagrant case, however, when his system of mathematics gave a result below the passing grade. On one occasion, with the grieved air with which he administered any necessary reproof, he said to a student whose work was notoriously poor, "Mr. X, when you try to recite, I mark you ten; when you do not try, I mark you zero; your grade is two." The election of Professor Liotard as Professor Emeritus, on his retirement in 1901, attests the personal regard in which he is held.

From "Sixty years of St.Lawrence" published by class of 1916, p. 75. Tantae Molis Erat.

Before coming to the US, Liotard had considered colonization in Algeria. In a 1892 issue of The Laurentian, he describes his adventures in Algeria on a trip with his good friend James Vaucher, brother of his future wife.

Evergreen Cemetery, Canton, NY