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Jean G. Vaucher

En marge de mes travaux sur la généalogie familiale, j'ai élaboré des pages historiques qui donnent un aperçu du contexte de diverses époques. J'ai aussi transcrits pour le Web plusieurs documents inédits. Ce qui suit est un index de ces pages.
De plus, afin de rendre mes documents plus intéressants j'ai ajouté des illustrations d'époque trouvées sur l'internet.
Note: La source n'est pas toujours indiquée; si un responsable s'y objecte, je retirerai les figures en question.

While putting the family genealogy on the Internet, I created several historical summary pages to give some background to people and events. I also transcribed some personal documents. Below is an index to those pages. In order to make the material more interesting, I added pictures I found on the web; but the origin of this added material is not always known or indicated.
Note: If any owner objects, I will correct the situation.


What had to happen before people started building ships !!!

History of Sailing Ships

Far East

I got into this while transcribing the letters from my uncle Philippe who worked and died in Shanghai in the early 1900s.

Historic Friends & Family

Couronnement de Napoleon (1804)

Un de mes ancêtres, le pasteur Mouchon a assisté au sacre de Napoléon

WW1 Escape

Gerrie Burk, my great uncle, fought in WW1. He was gassed and captured by the Germans at Ypres. After 18 months, he escaped along with an English soldier, H.W. Tustin, and returned to Canada where he lived the rest of his life as an Indian Agent. Tustin's memoirs, recently published, describe life in the prison camp and the subsequent escape.


Jean Vaucher (avril 2014)