Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair
Realistic Image Synthesis

Computer Science &
Operations Research

LIGUM Graphics Lab

Pavillon André-Aisenstadt
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-Ville
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3C 3J7


Recent News

Honored to be named a Canada Research Chair in Realistic Image Synthesis
Our non-parametric microfacet model was accepted to TOG!
Our work on generalizing k-buffers was accepted to HPG!
Our motion blur work was integrated into the Unity game engine.
David M. gets his MSc, heads to 8i as a Research Scientist!
Received an Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher award from the Canadian Association of Computer Science!
Our fast spherical filtering work was accepted to TOG!
Just finished co-chairing EGSR. It was a huge hit!
Our surface turbulence paper to SIGGRAPH Asia!
2 papers accepted @ EGSR!
UPBP featured at the International Conference on Transport Theory!
Guofu wraps up his Post-Doc, heads to Baidu!
Mahdi wraps up his Post-Doc, heads to Microsoft!
Aude gets her MSc, heads to Hibernum!
Cihan and Nicolas join the lab. Welcome!
After 5 wonderful years at the Université de Montréal, I have joined McGill University as of Aug. 1, 2016.
My new website has updated contact information: I'm no longer maintaining this page and my e-mail will not remain active.
Research Themes

Monte Carlo, Density Estimation, & MCMC

How do we numerically solve multi-dimensional path-space integrals for realistic image synthesis?

Editing Physically-based Light Transport

Can we devise intuitive controls to edit physically-based lighting in synthetic images?

Basis-space Methods of Dynamics & Lighting

Can we use analytic bases to simulate physical dynamics in reduced-dimensional spaces?

Editing Complex Fluid Simulations

How do digital artists author turbulent fluid simulations? Can we design tools to help them?

Manufacturing Passive Optics & Probes

Can combining computation with 3D fabrication allow us to warp & capture light in the real world?
Visually browse my research highlights, by theme, below.
  • Beam density estimation and many-light methods.
  • Path connection strategies in light transport.
  • Artist tools for digital content creation.
  • Using fabrication to warp light in the real world.
  • Interactive shadows and global illumination.
  • Capturing geometry and reflectance in the wild.
  • Geometry analysis for artistic line drawings.
Team & Teaching
  • Post-Doc
  • Ph.D.
  • M.Sc.
  • B.Sc. or Intern
  • Laurent Belcour
  • Olivier Mercier
  • Chaitanya Reddy
  • Adrien Dubouchet
  • Jean-Philippe Guertin
  • Yangyang Zhao
  • Anis Benyoub
  • David Quiroz Marin
  • Cynthia Beauchemin
  • Joêl Polard-Perron
  • Nicolas Vibert
  • Cihan Ozer
  • Éric Morneau-Lépine
  • Ilan Elbaz
  • Graduated
  • David Millaenen '16
  • Aude Giraud '15
  • Mahdi Bagher '14
  • Guofu Xie '14
  • Adrien Dubouchet '14
  • Jean-Philippe Guertin '14
  • Yangyang Zhao '14
  • Michael Morandi '12
  • Thomas Houit '12
  • Thomas Siegrist '12
  • Marina Späni '12
  • Benjamin Müller '11
  • Philipp Keller '11
  • Philipp Simmler '11
  • Stefan Geiger '11
  • Silvan Tschopp '11
  • Thorsten Schmidt '12
  • Jan Novak '11
  • Rahul Muhki '11
  • Sebastien Milius '11
  • Adrian Blumer '11
  • Courses

    IFT6095 Real-time Rendering Winter 2016 [2013-2015]
    IFT6350 Advanced Computer Graphics Winter 2015
    IFT3355 Computer Graphics Winter 2016 [2012-2015]
    IFT2740 Tools for 3D Graphics Fall 2015 [2014]
    IFT3730 3D Computer Graphics Winter 2013 [2013]
    IFT3150 Senior Project Winter 2016 [2013-2015]
    IFT4055 Honors Senior Project Winter 2015 [2013-2014]
    IFT3151 Senior Internship Project Winter 2015 [2013-2014]
    Full Publication List
    Service & Industry Experience
    Technical Paper Chairing
    Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) [2015]
    SIBGRAPI - Conf. on Graphics, Patterns & Images [2014]
    International Program Committees
    SIGGRAPH Asia [2012-13, 2015]
    Eurographics (EG) [2014]
    EG Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) [2011, 2013]
    High Performance Graphics (HPG) [2012]
    Pacific Graphics (PG) [2013]
    Interactive 3D Graphics & Games (I3D) [2014]

  • On Steering Committee for Graphics Interface conference.
  • Reviewing
  • Transactions on Graphics
  • SIGGRAPH Sketches
  • Eurographics
  • EG Symposium on Rendering
  • CG Forum
  • High Performance Computing
  • Pacific Graphics
  • Interactive 3D Graphics and Games
  • Computers & Graphics
  • C&G Spec. Ed. on Natural Phenomena
  • Graphics Interface
  • Companies I've worked for
    Microsoft Microsoft Research Redmond Disney Research Zurich
    Research in Motion Electronic Arts Canada