Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair in
Realistic Image Synthesis

Computer Science &
Operations Research

LIGUM Graphics Lab

Pavillon André-Aisenstadt
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-Ville
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3C 3J7


Recent News

Honored to be named a Canada Research Chair in Realistic Image Synthesis!
Our non-parametric microfacet model was accepted to TOG!
Our work on generalizing k-buffers was accepted to HPG!
Our fast motion blur work was integrated into the Unity game engine.
David M. gets his MSc, heads to 8i!
Received an Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher award from the Canadian Association of Computer Science!
Our fast spherical filtering work was accepted to TOG!
Just finished co-chairing EGSR. It was a huge hit!
Our surface turbulence paper to SIGGRAPH Asia!
2 papers accepted @ EGSR!
UPBP featured at the International Conference on Transport Theory!
Guofu wraps up his Post-Doc, heads to Baidu!
Mahdi wraps up his Post-Doc, heads to Microsoft!
Aude gets her MSc, heads to Hibernum!
Cihan and Nicolas join the lab. Welcome!
Research Themes

Monte Carlo, Density Estimation, & MCMC

How do we numerically solve multi-dimensional path-space integrals for realistic image synthesis?

Editing Physically-based Light Transport

Can we devise intuitive controls to edit physically-based lighting in synthetic images?

Basis-space Methods of Dynamics & Lighting

Can we use analytic bases to simulate physical dynamics in reduced-dimensional spaces?

Editing Complex Fluid Simulations

How do digital artists author turbulent fluid simulations? Can we design tools to help them?

Manufacturing Passive Optics & Probes

Can combining computation with 3D fabrication allow us to warp & capture light in the real world?
Visually browse my research highlights, by theme, below.
  • Beam density estimation and many-light methods.
  • Path connection strategies in light transport.
  • Artist tools for digital content creation.
  • Using fabrication to warp light in the real world.
  • Interactive shadows and global illumination.
  • Capturing geometry and reflectance in the wild.
  • Geometry analysis for artistic line drawings.
Team & Teaching
I'm looking for a Post-Doc! If you're interested and have a proven publication record in top-tier venues, please ping me.
  • Post-Doc
  • Ph.D.
  • M.Sc.
  • B.Sc. or Intern
  • Laurent Belcour
  • Olivier Mercier
  • Chaitanya Reddy
  • Adrien Dubouchet
  • Jean-Philippe Guertin
  • Yangyang Zhao
  • Anis Benyoub
  • David Quiroz Marin
  • Cynthia Beauchemin
  • Joêl Polard-Perron
  • Nicolas Vibert
  • Cihan Ozer
  • Éric Morneau-Lépine
  • Ilan Elbaz
  • Graduated
  • David Millaenen '16
  • Aude Giraud '15
  • Mahdi Bagher '14
  • Guofu Xie '14
  • Adrien Dubouchet '14
  • Jean-Philippe Guertin '14
  • Yangyang Zhao '14
  • Michael Morandi '12
  • Thomas Houit '12
  • Thomas Siegrist '12
  • Marina Späni '12
  • Benjamin Müller '11
  • Philipp Keller '11
  • Philipp Simmler '11
  • Stefan Geiger '11
  • Silvan Tschopp '11
  • Thorsten Schmidt '12
  • Jan Novak '11
  • Rahul Muhki '11
  • Sebastien Milius '11
  • Adrian Blumer '11
  • Courses

    IFT6095 Real-time Rendering Winter 2016 [2013-2015]
    IFT6350 Advanced Computer Graphics Winter 2015
    IFT3355 Computer Graphics Winter 2016 [2012-2015]
    IFT2740 Tools for 3D Graphics Fall 2015 [2014]
    IFT3730 3D Computer Graphics Winter 2013 [2013]
    IFT3150 Senior Project Winter 2016 [2013-2015]
    IFT4055 Honors Senior Project Winter 2015 [2013-2014]
    IFT3151 Senior Internship Project Winter 2015 [2013-2014]
    Full Publication List
    Service & Industry Experience
    Technical Paper Chairing
    Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) [2015]
    SIBGRAPI - Conf. on Graphics, Patterns & Images [2014]
    International Program Committees
    SIGGRAPH Asia [2012-13, 2015]
    Eurographics (EG) [2014]
    EG Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) [2011, 2013]
    High Performance Graphics (HPG) [2012]
    Pacific Graphics (PG) [2013]
    Interactive 3D Graphics & Games (I3D) [2014]

  • On Steering Committee for Graphics Interface conference.
  • Reviewing
  • Transactions on Graphics
  • SIGGRAPH Sketches
  • Eurographics
  • EG Symposium on Rendering
  • CG Forum
  • High Performance Computing
  • Pacific Graphics
  • Interactive 3D Graphics and Games
  • Computers & Graphics
  • C&G Spec. Ed. on Natural Phenomena
  • Graphics Interface
  • Companies I've worked for
    Microsoft Microsoft Research Redmond Disney Research Zurich
    Research in Motion Electronic Arts Canada