V. 2.6.

Class FBar

  extended by umontreal.iro.lecuyer.gof.FBar

public class FBar
extends Object

This class is similar to FDist, except that it provides static methods to compute or approximate the complementary distribution function of X, which we define as bar(F)(x) = P[X >= x], instead of F(x) = P[X <= x]. Note that with our definition of bar(F), one has bar(F)(x) = 1 - F(x) for continuous distributions and bar(F)(x) = 1 - F(x - 1) for discrete distributions over the integers.

Method Summary
static double scan(int n, double d, int m)
          Return P[SN(d ) >= m], where SN(d ) is the scan statistic.
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Method Detail


public static double scan(int n,
                          double d,
                          int m)
Return P[SN(d ) >= m], where SN(d ) is the scan statistic. It is defined as

SN(d )= sup0 <= y <= 1-dη[yy + d],

where d is a constant in (0, 1), η[yy + d] is the number of observations falling inside the interval [y, y + d], from a sample of N i.i.d. U(0, 1) random variables. The approximation returned by this function is generally good when it is close to 0, but is not very reliable when it exceeds, say, 0.4. Restrictions: N >= 2 and d <= 1/2.

n - sample size ( >= 2)
d - length of the test interval (∈(0, 1))
m - scan statistic
the complementary distribution function of the statistic evaluated at m

V. 2.6.

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