V. 2.6.

Interface RandomStreamFactory

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public interface RandomStreamFactory

Represents a random stream factory capable of constructing instances of a given type of random stream by invoking the newInstance method each time a new random stream is needed, instead of invoking directly the specific constructor of the desired type. Hence, if several random streams of a given type (class) must be constructed at different places in a large simulation program, and if we decide to change the type of stream in the future, there is no need to change the code at those different places. With the random stream factory, the class-specific code for constructing these streams appears at a single place, where the factory is constructed.

The class BasicRandomStreamFactory provides an implementation of this interface.

Method Summary
 RandomStream newInstance()
          Constructs and returns a new random stream.

Method Detail


RandomStream newInstance()
Constructs and returns a new random stream. If the instantiation of the random stream fails, this method throws a RandomStreamInstantiationException.

the newly-constructed random stream.
RandomStreamInstantiationException - if the new random stream cannot be instantiated.

V. 2.6.

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