V. 2.6.

Class GlobalCPUTimeChrono

  extended by umontreal.iro.lecuyer.util.AbstractChrono
      extended by umontreal.iro.lecuyer.util.GlobalCPUTimeChrono

public class GlobalCPUTimeChrono
extends AbstractChrono

Extends the AbstractChrono class to compute the global CPU time used by the Java Virtual Machine. This includes CPU time taken by any thread, including the garbage collector, class loader, etc.

Part of this class is implemented in the C language and the implementation is unfortunately operating system-dependent. The C functions for the current class have been compiled on a 32-bit machine running Linux. For a platform-independent CPU timer (valid only with Java-1.5 or later), one should use the class ThreadCPUTimeChrono which is programmed directly in Java.

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a Chrono object and initializes it to zero.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public GlobalCPUTimeChrono()
Constructs a Chrono object and initializes it to zero.

V. 2.6.

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