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	  simcomp - compile a Simula main program or separate

	  simcomp filename [-L=path] [-I=path] [-l] [-f] [-r] [-h]
		  [-list] [-e] [-w] [-x] [-z]

	  The normal action of the Simula  compiler  is	 to  read  the
	  input	 file and translate it into an object code file	and an
	  attribute  information  file.	 This  normal  action  can  be
	  changed by the use of	options.

	  All produced files have the same name	as the input file, but
	  with different extensions. The object	code file is given the
	  extension '.o'.  The attribute  information  file  is	 given
	  extension '.atr'. This file contains information used	by the
	  debugger and for separate compilation.

	  If errors are	detected, they are listed at the  end  of  the
	  compilation. Errors are by default listed on standard	error.

	  The filename can be givien with  or  without	the  extension
	  '.sim'. It must be present.

	  Options may appear in	any order.

	       Colon separated list of directories of where to	search
	       for  libraries,	specified  by  the  -I=	option.	Search
	       order is:  this environment variable is concatenated to
	       the  content  of	 the  -L= option. Useful for a default
	       path to be used in a series of compilations.

	       Colon separated list of libraries of  where  to	search
	       for  Simula attribute files and include files. The full
	       pathname	of the libraries are identified	 by  searching
	       the  directory searchlist defined by the	-L= option and
	       the SIM_LIBRARY_PATH environment	variable.  The	result
	       is  the	library	 searchpath  with one element for each
	       item  in	 the  -I=   parameter:	 '.',	<dirn>/<lib1>,
	       <dirn>/<lib2>, ...

	  -l   Include a search	of the libraries  installed  with  the
	       Lund	  Simula       system.	    Shorthand	   for
	       -L=/usr/local/simulabin -I=simlib:libsim:...

	  -f   Report all files	read  during  compilation.  Useful  to
	       sort out	binding	of dependencies	on external files.

	  -r   Specifies recompilation,	the compilation	is aborted  if
	       the  interface part of the attribute file would need to
	       be changed.

	  -h   Line numbers inhibited. Do not  produce	code  to  take
	       care  of	 line  numbers	during	run  time. This	option
	       should be used only in fully tested programs, since  it
	       makes   use   of	  several  of  the  debugger  commands
	       impossible. The benefits	resulting from use  of	the  h
	       option are savings in object code size and in execution

	  -l   ist Listing. Produce a list file	with the same name  as
	       the  input  file, but with extension '.lis' It contains
	       the  source  program  text,  line  numbers  and	 error
	       messages.  file.lis  will  be  produced,	 even  if  the
	       compiler	was stopped by a fatal error.

	  -e   Error listing. Produce  an  error  list	on  file  with
	       extension   '.err'.    This   is	 really	 the  same  as
	       redirecting standard error.  The	 error	list  normally
	       appearing  on  the terminal is written to the file with
	       extension '.err'	instead.

	  -w   Warning	messages  inhibited.  Normally	at   most   64
	       warnings	  and	errors	will  be  produced,  then  the
	       compilation is aborted. With the	w option all  warnings
	       will  be	inhibited and not counted in the sum of	errors
	       and warnings. Even when warning messages	are  inhibited
	       the  number  of	warnings will be printed at the	end of
	       the compilation.

	  -x   Direct error messages. Error messages will  be  written
	       on  the console as soon as the errors are detected. The
	       message will give less information than that at the end
	       of  pass	 five.	This  option  is  mainly  intended for
	       implementor use,	but can	be useful if the compiler  for
	       some  reason  can  not  complete.  See  Appendix	 D for
	       matching	error numbers with error messages.

	  -z   Symbolic	  intermediate	  code.	   Produce    symbolic
	       intermediate  code  on  the  file with extension	'.zr'.
	       This option is mainly intended for implementor use.

	  simman simmake - to compile several dependent	Simula modules

	  simman simld - to  link  compiled  Simula  modules  into  an
	  executable program

	  simman simula	- to  get  overview  and  pointers  to	Simula