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	  simula - compiler, runtime system, debugger and libraries
	  from Lund Software House

	  Lund Simula is an implementation of Simula as	described in
	  the current standrad.	The implementation is based on a
	  compiler producing binary object code	which can then be
	  linked with separtely	compiled Simula	procedures and classes
	  as well as C procedures into an executable. The system
	  includes a source level debugger and a set of	libraries as
	  of below.

	  simman is a script to	read Simula on-line documentation
	  installed with the Simula distribution. It uses 'man'	and as
	  an alternative the documentation can also be made available
	  by adding /usr/local/simulabin/man to	envirnonment variable
	  'MANPATH' (see man man).

	  simman simcomp - to compile a	Simula program

	  simman simmake - to compile several dependent	Simula modules

	  simman simld - to link compiled Simula modules into an
	  executable program and for Simula run-time options.

	  Print	usr/local/simulabin/	to get a paper manual.

	  Simlib contains a set	of classes with	operation that are
	  hard to write	directly in Simula. One	group of classes
	  contain functionality	on the bit-level. Here are operations
	  to manipulate	bits of	integers, change type of a bit-pattern
	  and access memory locations directly,	given the memory
	  address. Another group of classes interface to Unix
	  facilities that are frequently used. Here are	routines to
	  read directories, find out the status	of a file and to parse
	  the command line.

	  Use simman simlib to get more	on-line	help.

	  Print	/usr/local/simulabin/simlib/ to get a paper

	  This library contains	a set of convenient procedures that
	  are written in Simula. The procedures	fall into several

	     - Text utilities, such as Front, Rest, FrontStrip,	Search
	     - Edit/de-edit utilities such as CheckReal, GetRadix,
	       PutIntAtPos, and	routines for scanning Simula text.
	     - Some mathematical and statistical utilities.
	     - Routines	for sorting and	searching.
	     - Utilities for dealing with Swedish national characters.

	  libsim was first developed at	QZ, Stockholm, for the DEC-10
	  Simula implementation. The parts of libsim that are
	  available here are those that	were portable. Parts that have
	  been removed are procedures that has been accepted as	part
	  of the standard Simula library or were closely dependent on
	  the DEC environment and might	be done	differently in a Unix

	  Use simman libsim to get more	on-line	help.

	  Print	/usr/local/simulabin/libsim/ to get a paper

	  This library contains	a set of classes implementing a
	  process concept useful when dealing with external events.
	  These	are seen as 'files' in Unix, such as 'stdin',
	  connections to other programs	such the X11 window manager,
	  or Clients and Servers. This library makes it	possible to
	  write	Simula processes that work in response to events
	  arriving from	such files.

	  Use simman simioprocess to get more on-line help.

	  Print	/usr/local/simulabin/simioprocess/ to
	  get a	paper manual.

	  This library contains	classes	that makes it simple to	write
	  Client/Server	applications in	Simula communicating over Unix
	  sockets on TCP/IP, possibly executing	on different machines.
	  The classes work well	together with the simioprocess

	  Use simman simsocket to get more on-line help.

	  Print	/usr/local/simulabin/simsocket/ to get a
	  paper	manual.