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	  xsizehints - part of Simula to Xlib interface

	     class XSizeHints;
	  Refer	to a  Xlib manual to understand	 teh  meaning  of  the
	  following   parameters.   XSizeHints	objects	 are  used  as
	  parameters   to   calls   to	  operation    in    X_Window:
	  SetNormalHints,     SetSizeHints,	SetStandardProperties,
	  SetWMSizeHints, SetWMNormalHints, SetZoomHints

	     integer win_gravity;  !added by ICCCM version 1;
	     integer base_height;  !added by ICCCM version 1;
	     integer base_width;   !added by ICCCM version 1;
	     integer max_aspect_y; !denominator;
	     integer max_aspect_x; !numerator;
	     integer min_aspect_y; !denominator;
	     integer min_aspect_x; !numerator;
	     integer height_inc;
	     integer width_inc;
	     integer max_height;
	     integer max_width;
	     integer min_height;
	     integer min_width;
	     integer height;	   !obsolete for new window mgrs, but
	     integer width;	   !		  --------------
	     integer y;		   !		  --------------
	     integer x;		   !should set so old wm's don't mess
	     up	    ;
	     integer flags; !marks which fields	in this	structure are
	  The attributes 'Flags' can be	 set  one  or  a  sum  of  the
	  following constants:

	     USPosition	 USSize	  PPosition  PSize
	     PMinSize	 PMaxSize PResizeInc PAspect
	     PBaseSize	 PWinGravity