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	  xwmhints - part of Simula to Xlib interface

	     class XWMHints;
	  refer	to a  Xlib manual to understand	 the  meaning  of  the
	  following  paramters.	XWMHint	objects	are used as parameters
	  to calls to operation	in X_Window: SetWMHints

	     integer window_group;   ! id of related window group;
	     integer icon_mask;	    ! icon mask	bitmap;
	     integer icon_y, icon_x; ! initial position	of icon;
	     integer icon_window;    ! window to be used as icon;
	     integer icon_pixmap;	 ! pixmap to be	used as	icon;
	     integer initial_state;   !	??;
	     boolean input; ! does this	application rely on the	WM to
	     get KB input?;
	     integer flags; ! marks which fields in this structure are
	  This	structure  may	be  extended  in  the	future.	   The
	  attributes  'Flags'  can  be set to one of, or a sum of, the
	  following constants:

	     InputHint	StateHint  IconPixmapHint  IconWindowHint
	     IconPositionHint  IconMaskHint  WindowGroupHint
	  (or simply 'AllHints'	for the	sum of all of them).