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Welcome to our website. Our laboratory (Laboratoire d’Informatique Théorique et Quantique) is part of the Computer Science and Operations Research Department (Département d’Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnel) of Université de Montréal. Our group counts 6 professors and is very active both in research and education.

We are working on several aspects of computer science and physics. More precisely we study classical and quantum cryptography, computational complexity, quantum information processing, foundation of quantum mechanics and the graph theory.

LITQ is always looking for good students from all levels and likes having visitors.

Recent publications

Frédéric Dupuis and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Louis Salvail,
Actively Secure Two-Party Evaluation of any Quantum Operation ,
2012, [bib]
Gilles Brassard and Peter Høyer and Kassem Kalach and Marc Kaplan and Sophie Laplante and Louis Salvail,
Merkle Puzzles in a Quantum World,
CRYPTO, (391-410), 2011, [bib]
Michaël Cadilhac and Alain Finkel and Pierre McKenzie,
Storming the Parikh Automaton,
2011, [bib] [eprint]

Latest news

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LITQ is always looking for good students from the undergraduate level to post doctoral fellows.

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