QIP 2012 Submissions

Call for papers

Submissions of abstracts for contributed papers are sought in research areas related to quantum information science and quantum information processing. A small number of contributed paper submissions will be selected as featured papers. The submission to QIP should consist of 2-3 pages, containing a non-technical, clear and insightful description of the results and main ideas, their impact, and their importance to quantum information and computation. In addition, the submission should direct the reader to a technical version of the work (this should preferably be online but otherwise can be provided as an attachment). The submission should not consist of a compressed version of the technical exposition of the paper, but instead should facilitate the reading of the technical version and help the program committee assess its importance. In exceptional cases, submissions without technical versions may be accepted. The space limit of 2-3 pages concerns a text written in a reasonable font convenient enough for the PC members to read. It does not include the references. The 2-3 page abstracts of the accepted contributed papers and featured papers will be posted on the QIP 2012 website. More details will be provided in the acceptance notifications.

Submitting a talk:

Deadline: Wednesday August 31, 2011, 7 pm GMT time

Deadline has passed. Paper submission is now closed.

Notice of acceptance: October 3, 2011

If you would like to submit a paper to be presented as a talk, click into the link


After logging in (an easychair account is needed for submission), click on "New Submission", and mark the first track, "QIP2012Talks". When submitting, you will be asked to choose a category: "Talk, if not accepted then poster" or "Talk only". It is recommended to mark the first category as a default, so that in case the talk is not accepted, your poster will have very high chances of being accepted and will not need to wait to the later round of poster submissions. For the technical version of the work, it is preferable that you give a link to an online version. Please include the URL in the paper. Otherwise, a PDF version can be provided as an attachment. If your work does not include an additional technical version, please indicate so in the paper.

Submitting a poster

Early deadline: September 15, 2011 (23:59 in any time zone)
Early notice of acceptance : October 9, 2011
Late deadline: November 1, 2011
Late notice of acceptance: November 14, 2011

Deadline has passed. Poster submission is now closed.

Important note regarding poster submission: The poster session is a wonderful opportunity to present your recent work and discuss it with the other attendants of the conference. In principle all poster submissions will be accepted, except those that are clearly unreasonable, wrong, or out of scope. Due to space limitations, at most 150 posters can be presented at QIP 2012. Should the total number of poster submissions exceed 150, the threshold for accepting posters submitted in the second phase will be more strict than in the first phase, and might depend also on order of submission.

Submitting a poster in the early submission option: Use this option only if poster submission is NOT your SECOND choice (in case of rejection of a talk) but a first one. You might also want to submit both a talk AND a poster of the same result - knowing you would want to present both in case of acceptance - this is another case in which you would want to submit in the posters track too. To submit a poster, click into the link


After logging in (an easychair account is needed for submission), click on "New Submission", and mark the second track, "QIP2012posters1".



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