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	  libsim - Utilities written in	Simula

	  LIBSIM is a collection of mainly small utility routines in
	  SIMULA collected over	the years at QZ	and FOA	in Stockholm,
	  Sweden. Simula contains (compared to other languages)	a
	  fairly extensive library as part of its standard, but	LIBSIM
	  still	offers many useful additions.  LIBSIM was first
	  offered with the Simula implementation for DEC-10, but have
	  since	then spread to also most other implementations.
	  Although not part of the standard, LIBSIM can	be regarded as
	  a `standard' library,	being generaly available.  In the
	  current version we have destilled the	essential, portable
	  parts	of the original	library.

	  Use 'simman libsim<part>' to get detailed information.

	  libsimtexts -	text utilities
	  libsimediting	- editing/de-editing of	numbers
	  libsimchario - support for terminal I/O
	  libsimswedish	- utilities for	dealing	with Swedish national
	  libsimmath - additonal mathematical utilities
	  libsimsort - routines	for sorting and	searching
	  Parts	that are obsolete, but still suported are:
	  libsimobsolete - Routines that are now part of the Simula
	  standard library
	  The parts that have been removed (or not yet included) are:

	  - DEC-10 specific utilities
	  - Terminal specific IO packages (SafeIO, Vista, DAHelp,

	  Various people at QZ and FOA,	Stockholm.

	  Ported and documented	by Boris Magnusson.

	     external <type> procedure <proc-name>;
	     simcomp <program> -L=/usr/local/simulabin -I=libsim
	     (or just: simcomp <program> -l)
	     simld ... -llibsim
	     (or just: simld ... -l)