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Claude Frasson



 Professional Activities


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  • Director of  GRITI  (Inter-university Research Group in Intelligent Tutors, grouping seven universities in Quebec, about 75 researchers).
  • International Expert for the World Bank (Tunisia, 2000-2001).    
  • Director of the  HERON laboratory,Informatique et Recherche Opérationnelle, University of Montreal.
  • Theme leader and project leader in the Telelearning Center of Excellence of Canada.
  • Director of the  SAFARI  Project (4.6 Millions $, Ministry of Industry, Science, Trade and Technology), 1994-99.
  • Scientific Adviser for Revenue Canada (Research & Development).
  • Member of the Scientific Board Committee of Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, Bell Northern Research, (1986-89).
  • International expert for United Nations. Mission leader (Government of Guinea and Sierra Leone, 1984). Adviser to the Government of Senegal.
  • Referee of pilot projects for Ministry of Industry (Paris, 1982-83).
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the following Journals : ARIMA (Revue africaine de la recherche en informatique et mathématiques appliquées), ICO, Intelligence Artificielle et Science Cognitive (in Quebec), Sciences et Techniques Éducatives (in France), East West Journal of Computer in Education (Russia).
  • Author of about 350 scientific articles and 5 books.