Scientific Program (Subject to change)

Monday December 12

08:15 Registration
09:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
Session Chair: D. Leung
9:15 Sergey Bravyi (Plenary lecture):
Topological qubits: stability against thermal noise
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10:10 Omar Fawzi, Patrick Hayden, Ivan Savov, Pranab Sen and Mark Wilde (Featured talk):
Advances in classical communication for network quantum information theory
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10:40 Coffee Break
Session Chair: C. Schaffner
11:05 Nilanjana Datta, Min-Hsiu Hsieh and Mark Wilde (contributed talk):
Quantum rate distortion, reverse Shannon theorems, and source-channel separation
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1108.4940
11:30 Graeme Smith, John A. Smolin and Jon Yard (contributed talk):
Quantum communication with gaussian channels of zero quantum capacity
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11:55 Nengkun Yu, Runyao Duan and Quanhua Xu (contributed talk):
Bounds on the distance between a unital quantum channel and the convex hull of unitary channels, with applications to the asymptotic quantum Birkhoff conjecture
abstract | arXiv: 1201.1172
12:15 Lunch Break
Session Chair: M. Ben Or
14:00 Markus Greiner (Plenary lecture):
Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Atoms - A Microscopic View of Artificial Quantum Matter
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14:55 André Chailloux and Iordanis Kerenidis (Featured talk):
Optimal Bounds for Quantum Bit Commitment
abstract | arXiv: 1102.1678
15:25 Coffee Break
Session Chair: S. Irani
15:50 Gilles Brassard, Peter Høyer, Kassem Kalach, Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante and Louis Salvail (Featured talk):
Merkle Puzzles in a Quantum World
abstract |
16:25 Salman Beigi and Robert Koenig (contributed talk):
Simplified instantaneous non-local quantum computation with applications to position-based cryptography
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1101.1065
16:50 Harry Buhrman, Serge Fehr, Christian Schaffner and Florian Speelman (contributed talk):
The Garden-Hose Game and Application to Position-Based Quantum Cryptography
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17:15 Poster #1

Tuesday December 13

Session Chair: F. Brandao
09:00 Itai Arad, Zeph Landau and Umesh Vazirani (Plenary lecture):
An improved area law for 1D frustration-free systems
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9:55 Spyridon Michalakis and Justyna Pytel (contributed talk):
Stability of Frustration-Free Hamiltonians
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10:15 Coffee Break
Session Chair: G. Smith
10:40 Toby Cubitt, Martin Schwarz, Frank Verstraete, Or Sattath and Itai Arad (contributed talk):
Three Proofs of a Constructive Commuting Quantum Lovasz Local Lemma
abstract |
11:05 Norbert Schuch (contributed talk):
Complexity of commuting Hamiltonians on a square lattice of qubits
abstract | arXiv: 1105.2843
11:30 Josh Cadney, Noah Linden and Andreas Winter (contributed talk):
Infinitely many constrained inequalities for the von Neumann entropy
abstract | arXiv: 1107.0624
11:50 Lunch Break
Session Chair: S. Wehner
14:00 Jeongwan Haah (Plenary lecture):
Local stabilizer codes in three dimensions without string logical operators
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1101.1962
14:55 Andrew Landahl, Jonas Anderson and Patrick Rice (contributed talk):
Fault-tolerant quantum computing with color codes
abstract | arXiv: 1108.5738
15:15 Coffee Break
Session Chair: S. Bravyi
15:40 Guillaume Duclos-Cianci, Héctor Bombin and David Poulin (Featured talk):
Equivalence of Topological Codes and Fast Decoding Algorithms
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1103.4606
16:15 Joseph M. Renes, Frederic Dupuis and Renato Renner (contributed talk):
Quantum Polar Coding
abstract | Watch |
16:40 Sergey Bravyi and Robert Koenig (Featured talk):
Disorder-assisted error correction in Majorana chains
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1108.3845
17:15 Poster #2

Wednesday December 14

Session Chair: R. de Wolf
09:00 Troy Lee and Jérémie Roland (Featured talk):
A strong direct product theorem for quantum query complexity
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1104.4468
9:35 André Chailloux and Or Sattath (contributed talk):
The Complexity of the Separable Hamiltonian Problem
abstract | Watch |
10:00 Yaoyun Shi and Xiaodi Wu (contributed talk):
Epsilon-net method for optimizations over separable states
abstract | Watch |
10:20 Coffee Break
Session Chair: N. Schuch
10:45 Abel Molina and John Watrous (contributed talk):
Hedging bets with correlated quantum strategies
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1104.1140
11:10 Jop Briet and Thomas Vidick (contributed talk):
Explicit lower and upper bounds on the entangled value of multiplayer XOR games
abstract | Watch |
11:35 Gus Gutoski and Xiaodi Wu (Featured talk):
Parallel approximation of min-max problems with applications to classical and quantum zero-sum games
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1011.2787
12:05 Lunch Break
19:00 Conference Dinner
Marché Bonsecours

Thursday December 15

Session Chair: P. Shor
09:00 Aleksandrs Belovs (Plenary lecture):
Span Programs for Functions with Constant-Sized 1-certificates
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1105.4024
9:55 Francois Le Gall (contributed talk):
Improved Output-Sensitive Quantum Algorithms for Boolean Matrix Multiplication
abstract |
10:20 Dominic Berry, Richard Cleve and Sevag Gharibian (contributed talk):
Discrete simulations of continuous-time query algorithms that are efficient with respect to queries, gates and space
abstract |
10:40 Coffee Break
Session Chair: T. Vidick
11:05 Thomas Decker, Gábor Ivanyos, Miklos Santha and Pawel Wocjan (contributed talk):
Hidden Symmetry Subgroup Problems
abstract | Watch |
11:30 Rahul Jain and Ashwin Nayak (contributed talk):
A quantum information cost trade-off for the Augmented Index
abstract |
11:55 Sevag Gharibian and Julia Kempe (contributed talk):
Hardness of approximation for quantum problems
abstract |
12:15 Lunch Break
Session Chair: J. Watrous
14:00 Jérémie Roland (Plenary lecture, based on joint work with Maris Ozols and Martin Roetteler):
Quantum rejection sampling
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1103.2774
14:55 Rolando Somma and Sergio Boixo (contributed talk):
Spectral Gap Amplification
abstract |
15:15 Coffee Break
Session Chair: R. Renner
15:40 Troy Lee, Rajat Mittal, Ben Reichardt, Robert Spalek and Mario Szegedy (Featured talk):
Quantum query complexity for state conversion
abstract | Watch |
16:15 Fernando Brandao, Aram Harrow and Michal Horodecki (Featured talk):
Local random quantum circuits are approximate polynomial-designs
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16:45 Business Meeting...
19:00 Rump Session
UdeM (K500)

Friday December 16

Session Chair: R. de Wolf
09:00 Eric Chitambar, Wei Cui and Hoi-Kwong Lo (Plenary lecture):
Increasing Entanglement by Separable Operations and New Monotones for W-type Entanglement
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1106.1208
9:55 Rodrigo Gallego, Lars Erik Würflinger, Antonio Acín and Miguel Navascués (contributed talk):
Quantum correlations require multipartite information principles
abstract | arXiv: 1107.3738
& (merged with)
An operational framework for nonlocality
abstract | Watch |
10:15 Coffee Break
Session Chair: R. Renner
10:40 Martin Schwarz, Kristan Temme, Frank Verstraete, Toby Cubitt and David Perez-Garcia (contributed talk):
Preparing projected entangled pair states on a quantum computer
abstract | Watch |
11:05 Esther Haenggi and Marco Tomamichel (contributed talk):
The Link between Uncertainty Relations and Non-Locality
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1108.5349
11:30 Salman Beigi and Amin Gohari (contributed talk):
Information Causality is a Special Point in the Dual of the Gray-Wyner Region
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1111.3151
11:50 Lunch Break
Session Chair: C. Schaffner
13:35 Marcus P. Da Silva, Steven T. Flammia, Olivier Landon-Cardinal, Yi-Kai Liu and David Poulin (contributed talk):
Practical characterization of quantum devices without tomography
abstract | Watch |
14:00 Robin Blume-Kohout (contributed talk):
Paranoid tomography: Confidence regions for quantum hardware
abstract | & (merged with)
Matthias Christandl and Renato Renner (contributed talk):
Reliable Quantum State Tomography
abstract | Watch | arXiv: 1108.5329
14:25 Sandu Popescu (Plenary lecture):
The smallest possible thermal machines and the foundations of thermodynamics
abstract |
15:15 Closing Remarks


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